Feeding pipe made of heat resistant stainless steel - RVS (1.4841)
Realizing a construction and finishing work on behalf of a roller door
Ovenframe used for solar roof panels
Compleet finished off ovenframe with doors
Fencing covers used for glue-belts
putting together gasket housing
New build counter of Duursma Apeldoorn
Project v Ganzewinkel/Coolrec


Sonac is content with Revas Multiservice

Sonac is content with Revas Multiservice. A few years back Sonac BV in Vuren has reorganized their technical division and placed the standard maintaining tasks in the hands of Revas Multiservice. Jan Smulders (head of the technical division) declares: 'They do many inspections, replace bearings and maintain the sieves, elevator shafts, chain transporters and so on. In an average week, four to eight employees of Revas Multiservice are busy for one or two days. Even in weekends and evenings we can count on them. They are all round and willing and capable to do everything. In the meantime I do have a real good view of their performances. They think along with us, do have proposals that give a contribution to improvements and do also signalise when particular disturbances occur more often.

Other content clients of Revas Multiservice are:

  • Owens Corning
  • Duursma W&O
  • Edese Beton Centrale
  • H. Witteveen Mechanisatie BV
  • Glaesum Group
  • Arjowiggins
  • Prodoor
  • Muller Beltex
  • van Ganzewinkel/Coolrec