before starting
Dismantling the existing construction
Dismantling of the belt
Raising the construction and adjusting the corner
impact plate
Splitting of the belt and impact plate
Belt with vulcanized scrapers
Complete construction
Positioning different parts at Apparec site
Start of the flotation line
Sorting cabin and washing drum
Positioning of a transport belt
Flotation unit at Apparec site


For a big waste processing company we adjusted the conveyor belt to transport the stream of waste better.

 The project involved the following steps and was realised by Revas Multiservice.

  • Complete project engineering (Akos engineering)
  • Adjustment of the corner construction
  • Raising of the construction
  • Mounting of the 'Impact Plate'
  • Delivery of a new conveyor belt (Muller Beltex)

 The whole project was planned with care and completed in one night and day.