Automatic band saw
Band saw
Lathing machine
Milling machine
Big milling machine
Little milling machine
Welding machines
Welding robot in action
Welding robot with two manipulators
Punching machine and various lifting equipment


To be able to construct units and parts to measure the wishes of our clients, Revas Multiservice has a very well equipped workshop. For the processing of stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron Revas Multiservice is equipped with: 

  • Three Lathing machines (WMW 3000x50), Tos 2000x800, Emault Somua 350)
  • Milling machine (Eumega)
  • Punching machine
  • Kantbank
  • Guillotine scissor
  • Band saw (nc and cnc)
  • Brootspers lasrobot (OTC) met manipulatoren
  • Lasrolstelling (5 ton)
  • Various Pulsmig-welding machines
  • Overhead crane and other lifting tools
  • A separate part for working with stainless steel